GuestFolder Mobile Apps
GuestFolder Mobile Apps

Custom Mobile Apps

The most innovative marketing solution available to accommodation providers in New Zealand. GuestFolder is a powerful mobile app builder for both Android and Apple devices that gives you the edge over your competition. It’s time to increase your profit margins through smart, forward thinking technology and start marketing directly to a guests pocket.

GuestFolder - Custom Mobile Apps


As the number of the guests with smartphones increases so does a guests demand for information here and now. By recreating your guest compendium onto a mobile device you significantly increase your guest’s usage of this and decrease the work required to updated and maintain the information inside it.

Guest Engagement

Communicating with your guests is more important than ever. From the moment they make their reservation GuestFolder gives you the ability to actively promote, sell and inform your guests via your very own mobile application. This can be done through vouchers, loyalty stamps, promotions and much more.

Revenue Generation

GuestFolder provides your guests an avenue to purchase products and activities both within your business and outside. From basic food and beverage ordering, to more advanced activity and event bookings. Setup and managed by you, allowing you to increase revenue from each reservation.

Online Reputation

Your online reputation is hugely important to the success of your property. Most New Zealand accommodation properties now have fully functional websites that represent their businesses online. It is now time to stay ahead of the competition and build your properties very own Apple and Android mobile app.

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